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DUI Charges in Wilson County, TN

DUI charges can be incredibly difficult to deal with. Not only, will they impose several penalties on you, but also ruin your reputation. Having a criminal record of any sort can ruin many things for you that include job and visa applications. Therefore, you shouldn’t get involved in any kind of legal offense. Avoid driving under any influence so that you can save yourself from the embarrassment when the police stop you in Wilson, TN.

Fortunately, Wilson, TN lawyers like Vasek and Robins exist to protect you from these demeaning charges. Vasek and Robins are well qualified and understand the intricacies of DUI charges. Therefore, they can equip you with a defense strategy so that you can deal with them.

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The charges of DUI in Tennessee can manifest itself into terrible situations. This crime can ultimately result in the conviction of the citizen along with harsh penalties. The state of Tennessee prohibits a citizen from driving around with alcohol content in their blood that is 0.8 or more. This limit of blood content can mean as few as two drinks for some people.

This however, depends on the weight of the person, along with their rate of metabolism. It may also vary according to how recently someone consumed alcohol before getting tested.

The penalties that follow a DUI charge are very difficult to understand in the Tennessee Legal system. Below is a brief explanation of the penalties of a DUI charge.

Penalties for DUI Charges in TN

Violation of Implied Consent

Implied consent refers to the legal agreement you make when you are driving your car. What this means is that when you are driving your car in the state of Tennessee. You are willing to provide the police with any kind of blood test or alcohol test to prove that you are not under the influence. In case you refuse to do so, the police can charge you with the violation of implied consent. The penalty for this can result in the suspension of your driving license for almost a year.

In circumstances where you make repeated violations, the court has the right to legally suspend your license for two years. In more extreme cases in which you crash someone to death because of drunk driving, the court will revoke your license for five years.

First Time DUI Offense

If you are a first-time convict of a DUI offense, then you will likely face a maximum of one year in prison. The court will also revoke your license for one year and fine you with 1500 dollars. Along with that, the installation of an ignition-interlocking device in your car will give the police control of your car. Plus, you may have to go to an alcohol and drug treatment program.

Repeat Offenses

Repeated offenses of about four times make you a class E felon. The sanctions for a Class E felon of DUI are harsher than the first time. It includes one-year maximum imprisonment, fine of 15000 dollars, IID installation in their car, revocation of license for eight years. Not to mention, the police seizes their vehicle and they have to go through hours of drug and alcohol treatment programs.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide is when you hit someone while driving, killing them in the process. This felony can put you in jail for about thirty years with a fine of 25,000 dollars. The court will revoke your license for ten years. They consider this as a class B felony in the state of Tennessee.


In terms of charges and penalties, a DUI charge can become very dodgy, which is why many people raise questions about DUI charges. Below, we will try to answer some of the broader areas of the DUI charge in the best way possible.

When Will a Misdemeanor DUI Become a Felony DUI in Tennessee?

In the state of Tennessee, a misdemeanor DUI will become a felony DUI until your fourth misdemeanor charge. Penalties for felony DUI charges depend on the type of charge.

How to get DUI Charges Dropped

Getting your DUI charges to drop will require you to hire an attorney. Expert Lawyers in the state of Tennessee can reduce your charges by creating a practical defense for it. In some instances, lawyers will even deal with the prosecutor without having to go to court. However, if the prosecutor insists on not making a deal, then you will need to go to court to get your charges dropped.

Once you are present in front of the jury then you will have to plead your case. Even in this instance, it is ultimately the job of the prosecutor to present a defense good enough to drop your charges. Some defensive strategies are more common than others, specifically for DUI charges.

If the prosecutor does not have any evidence to blame you for the DUI charge, then an attorney will use this as a strong argument against the prosecutor. On the other hand, an attorney may even use a defensive strategy that questions the legitimacy of the drug test.

Reducing charges ultimately depends on how well the lawyer can present the case in the court against the prosecutor. Therefore, it is important to hire lawyers that are expert at handling DUI charges in Wilson, TN.

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Vasek and Robbins are PLLC attorneys licensed in the state of Tennessee, hire them to defend you against DUI charges in Wilson, TN. They systematically study each case with great attention to detail before finalizing the best-suited defense for it.

You should put your trust in lawyers experienced in cases specific to DUI and have extensive insights on Tennessee’s laws. Vasek and Robbins are more likely to maximize your chance of winning in the court of law - call them at (615) 549-8909 for a free consultation or visit their website to get in contact.

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