For Rent

Evictions vs. Covid-19

Utilizing his executive power in conjunction with the CDC, President Trump has issued an order prohibiting residential evictions through the remainder of 2020. In summary, the order prohibits a residential eviction due to late or unpaid rent if the tenant is able to show the reason for the late or unpaid payment is due to effects of the Coronavirus such as job loss.

A couple of important points to note are:

1. The tenant/renter is still obligated to make their rental payments, the order simply prohibits evictions based on non-payment through December 31st, 2020.

2. The tenant/renter must provide the landlord, owner or property manager with certain forms and proof in order to back up their claim.

3. The tenant/renter must have made all efforts possible to obtain relief and assistance with rent through available programs.

4. The tenant/renter must be making their best efforts to make timely partial payments toward rent, if possible, and

5. Tenants/renters may still be evicted for any other breach of the lease terms such as conducting criminal activity on the property or damaging the property/failing to maintain it.